Excellent combination of Services Eastwest Physiotherapy and Zoom in Zones.

Pleasure to work with someone like Gavin Johnston same vision based on common sense. We are cooking something very good here. Specific Cycling EastWest Insoles are on the way. Thanks for you time Gav.

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Excellent experience for Zoom in Zones Athletes at the UCI World Master 2017 in Albi France.

When you have over 200 cyclists on the road, you know this is going to be more fun than normally.

I’m glad everybody finished safely, with smiles and enjoyment from this challenge. The fitness is definitely there. Everybody came back home very strongly.

Ben Pines finished first OZ in his strong category. David Yonge top 20th in TT on this road bike “not TT bike”.

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Excellent Tour of Bright for Zoom in Zones Athletes.

What always make me happy is to see how the athletes’ predictive performances from the Lab testing work in the practical side of racing.

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Wet but positive weekend for Zoom in Zones athletes

Wet but positive weekend for Zoom in Zones athletes.

Unstoppable David Jackson continues his golden performance. This time, on Saturday at the Sydney Road Champs. Definitely his diesel engine starts reacting on the Turbo Zoom in Zones training structure and starts turning to the Danger Turbo Diesel.

Amy Vesty started last Friday the 1st stage of the Battle on the Border very well and finished just 7.5sc behind the winner in this NRS 105km road race.

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Golden performance for Zoom in Zones Athletes in 2016 NSW Crit Championship

Good tactical race for David Jackson in today’s NSW Crit Championship.

Dave is unstoppable and I’m sure more is on the way.

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