Next six years

Radek dedicated the next 6 years to focussing on sports science research, particularly lactate testing and training with power meters. This area had captured his interest during his University studies, so on the basis of this he opened a sports testing laboratory, "Zoom-In-Zones", where he carried out testing for athletes of varying sports backgrounds and also for professional coaches and the sports people under their care.

At the end of 2007, Radek accepted an offer to become the United Arab Emirates (UAE) National Cycling Coach and relocated to Dubai. After two racing seasons (2008-2009) of coaching UAE athletes, and having achieved some considerable success, Radek returned to Sydney in April 2009, and relocated his testing lab to new and bigger premises in Brookvale - the Brookvale Testing & Coaching Studio.

Subsequently in November 2009 he was approached by the Eritrean Cycling Federation (North-Eastern Africa) with an offer to help select and prepare their national team for the largest international event held in that country - the Tour of Eritrea.
This opportunity to assist with technical preparation in an elevated altitude environment (the Eritrean capital city, Asmara, is located 2,300 metres above sea level) has provided a valuable addition to Radek's previous coaching experiences. (More on this in the News section)

In January 2010 Radek returned to Sydney again to commence his usual work from the new premises in Brookvale, where you can presently locate him.

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