TopLine Fitness and Zoom in Zones Structure in UAE.

It is nice to see the UAE program still heading the right direction.

 The boys getting stronger and more independent too. Good quality racing and monitoring they fitness is the Key.

Well done and keep going!

2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships in Varese, Italy.

Five Zoom in Zones Athletes were yesterday on the line in the Great Ocean Road qualifier and all of them did qualify.

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Excellent experience for Zoom in Zones Athletes at the UCI World Master 2017 in Albi France.

When you have over 200 cyclists on the road, you know this is going to be more fun than normally.

I’m glad everybody finished safely, with smiles and enjoyment from this challenge. The fitness is definitely there. Everybody came back home very strongly.

Ben Pines finished first OZ in his strong category. David Yonge top 20th in TT on this road bike “not TT bike”.

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Happy ending and a great transformation for Amy Vesty

From a criterium specialist to a succesful Alpine stage rider!

Yes, it was nearly a one-year journey; being 8kg slimmer and 30W stronger at the end of it.

But everything is possible if you stick with your plan and vision.

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Zoom in Zones Heads down sessions in Altitude Studio.

Yes, they are good honest sessions and work very well for your needs.

Well done and keep going!

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