Zoom in Zones definitely stepped it up in 2019. Altitude Studio is pumped up over 4400m.

With high Altitude come a great Attitude!

More photos

Excellent session and workout

 Last night in Altitude with some special guests Ani and Dan from the Philippines.

More is on the way in 2018, that’s for sure!



Zoom in Zones Heads down sessions in Altitude Studio.

Yes, they are good honest sessions and work very well for your needs.

Well done and keep going!

Thursday Zoom in Zones –Altitude Session is On Now.

More specific session and manageable number of athletes then on Wednesday.

We are really lucky to have this set-up available here in Sydney- Northern Beaches.


Class number two is on the way opening soon!

Yes, the heat was on in Wednesday Zoom in Zones Altitude class.

Class number two is on the way opening soon!


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