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  • n the incremental test, the workload is gradually increased in steps until the athlete is unable to continue. During each workload, heart rate, blood lactate accumulation, and power output is measured and recorded
  • At the conclusion of the test, this information is analysed and a report is produced summarising the results from the test "heart rate response and lactate accumulation for different workloads, maximum heart rate, lactate and anaerobic threshold"
  • Most importantly, the report also outlines the heart rate and power training zones that the athlete should target for different types of training in order to maximise performance . It is recommended that the test be repeated at least 3 times a year. As your fitness level changes, so do your ideal training zones
  • The follow-up tests are utilised to track progress in fitness as well as to design new training zones or amend the existing ones, as need be
  • The results can also be used to assess the overall effectiveness of the athlete's training program and to assist in planning the annual training program and racing season
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