Simpson Desert MTB Bike Challenge

Never-ending Challenges for Pete and Lynne Moore This time Simpson Desert MTB Bike Challenge Good to see you doing so well! Keep going over there!

Nice work and 2nd place for Jindra Knot in the MTB race 2016 Convict 100km

Definitely good checking point for Jindra after his long break.

2016 Round 2 Rocky trail Singleton

Good practice race for Jindra Knot in Rocky Trail, 14th place is good start from full on training

 Well done!

2nd place for Lana Moy in Convict 100 '14 - Elite 100km

Lana is on Zoom in Zones MTB program over three years 

Well done Lana!

Wow what a weekend! Yesterday I completed my 7th Convict 100. This was the first race I had ever entered. I was 12kg heavier and had set myself this crazy goal of riding a 100km Mtn bike race. I finished that race in 8hrs 17mins. That day changed my life.Yesterday was my first time competing in the Elite Women's category.

I came 2nd with a time I have only ever dreamed of achieving - 4hrs 45mins.

Australian Open Male MTB Champion 2014

Jindra Knot (Quantum MTB Race Team)

Jindra is on Zoom in Zones structured program over six months now. The highlight for 2014 MTB season is the Crocodile Trophy in Qld. I think Jindra progressing very well and this race was good solid performance and one step forward.

w and definitely this result is for him a good stepping stone.       

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