Now Lynne holds both course records in Calga; short and long distance

Last year Lynne broke her on record on the 25km course and last Sunday put down the 3.5 years old 43.2km one.

Good job done Lynne! Excellent discipline performance based on Saturday max lactate and watts test.

Also David Jackson tried his fresh numbers from Saturday test in practice and finished with his PB, just a week to go from

World masters Qualifier in WA. Well done Dave and good luck for next weekend.

A lot of Zoom in Zones athletes have this TT as a part of their training from a very intense week,

Monica Dalidowicz, Geri Roggiero, Amy Vesty ( Amy missed the U-turn ) Graham Sheppard and Greg Barnes.

Well done all and when it’s time for you to fly, I will make sure you are going to!